Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
kirby icon ken icon
Intermediate A little -
wolf icon young_link icon joker icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
young_link icon ness icon inkling icon
Doing okay None -
captain_falcon icon pyra_and_mythra icon pikachu icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
captain_falcon icon
Doing okay A little 20.0 %
king_dedede icon lucas icon dark_pit icon
Intermediate A lot 51.11 %
pichu icon
Intermediate None -
SBZ | Deazy
ice_climbers icon
Doing okay A little 51.72 %
Mr. Macaroni
mario icon wario icon ganondorf icon
Intermediate A little 33.33 %
Blad Noob A little 8.33 %
samus icon ryu icon ridley icon
Doing okay None 33.33 %
John Doe
ganondorf icon mr_game_and_watch icon zelda icon
Doing okay A large amount 32.0 %
mega_man icon
Intermediate Some 48.84 %
lucina icon zero_suit_samus icon
Intermediate A little -
luigi icon
Intermediate Some 6.67 %
mr_game_and_watch icon pokemon_trainer icon sora icon
Advanced None -
peach icon joker icon
Intermediate A lot 29.51 %
roy icon roy icon roy icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
greninja icon pikachu icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
captain_falcon icon mewtwo icon donkey_kong icon
Doing okay None -
lucina icon kirby icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
rob icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
ABFT | spike_lee
lucas icon
Intermediate Some -
pyra_and_mythra icon
Doing okay Some 35.71 %
cloud icon lucario icon sora icon
Doing okay A lot 42.86 %
bowser icon hero icon
Doing okay Some 54.55 %
FS | Dydou
lucario icon lucario icon lucario icon
Intermediate A large amount 51.85 %
FS | Yuno
pokemon_trainer icon
Advanced A large amount 53.26 %
ken icon ryu icon
Intermediate Some 48.48 %
pikachu icon
Doing okay Some 23.81 %
FS | Demzoc
wolf icon mii_brawler icon young_link icon
Doing okay A lot 27.97 %
Zhayne Watt
link icon
Intermediate A little 14.29 %
FS | Lonely_Remyx
fox icon mario icon captain_falcon icon
Intermediate A large amount 48.42 %
CK | Fat Tony
luigi icon wario icon mario icon
Intermediate A lot 45.16 %
ABL | Neidnaltap
joker icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
SBZ | Loxcess
sonic icon sonic icon sonic icon
Intermediate A lot 48.03 %
donkey_kong icon donkey_kong icon donkey_kong icon
Intermediate None -
joker icon sephiroth icon byleth icon
Doing okay A lot 35.29 %
piranha_plant icon rob icon mr_game_and_watch icon
Noob None -
isabelle icon lucina icon pokemon_trainer icon
Intermediate Some 42.86 %
bayonetta icon
Expert Some -
ABL | Hase Mei Oiler
peach icon
Noob A little 28.57 %
SBZ | Malembro
wolf icon
Intermediate A lot 20.48 %
SBZ | MkSwaggo
kazuya icon
Otherworldly A large amount 47.64 %
lucina icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
rob icon fox icon captain_falcon icon
Noob A little 33.33 %
VOS | WReport
dr_mario icon lucario icon
Doing okay None -
kazuya icon ganondorf icon king_k_rool icon
Intermediate A little 45.45 %
young_link icon young_link icon young_link icon
Doing okay A little 11.11 %
bowser icon byleth icon
Beginner A little 29.03 %
Gamer tag Canton Age Gender Comment
kirby icon ElectronOtaka bern image Bern 17 Male
wolf icon Icarus waadt image Vaud 20 Male
young_link icon RoxasSoucsomtiam waadt image Vaud 22 Male
captain_falcon icon haon48 luzern image Lucerne 22 Male
captain_falcon icon Fokus luzern image Lucerne 20 Male
king_dedede icon LapisLazuli basel-land image Basel-Land 25 Male
pichu icon MrDueli zürich image Zurich 27 Male
ice_climbers icon SBZ | Deazy bern image Bern 17 Male maxi king
mario icon Mr. Macaroni luzern image Lucerne 31 Male
waadt image Vaud
samus icon BeeMZ zürich image Zurich 18 Male Triple C is key - cool - calm - collected
ganondorf icon John Doe freiburg image Friborg 27 Male MIAOU.
mega_man icon MirM waadt image Vaud 32 Male
lucina icon ssbmeliodas waadt image Vaud 20 Male
luigi icon Dingo neuenburg image Neuchâtel 27 Male
mr_game_and_watch icon Froui91 bern image Bern 31 Male
peach icon FS | DIVE freiburg image Friborg 17 Male Mr.Duchmol
roy icon Purple waadt image Vaud 17 Male
greninja icon baudile waadt image Vaud 18 Male
captain_falcon icon Tcerco freiburg image Friborg 27 Male
lucina icon ilutov bern image Bern 28 Male
rob icon chevyshaver 32 Male
lucas icon ABFT | spike_lee genf image Geneva 24 Male
pyra_and_mythra icon Yocto waadt image Vaud 17 Male
cloud icon Keyaku freiburg image Friborg 30 Male
bowser icon Domino freiburg image Friborg 17 Male
lucario icon FS | Dydou freiburg image Friborg 26 Male
pokemon_trainer icon FS | Yuno wallis image Valais 16 Male My Charizard will burn you !
ken icon Leon luzern image Lucerne 27
pikachu icon Zlash waadt image Vaud 26 Male
wolf icon FS | Demzoc freiburg image Friborg 16 Male Link enfant est fondamentalement raciste...
link icon Zhayne Watt waadt image Vaud 29 Male Attention, j'ai une épée
fox icon FS | Lonely_Remyx bern image Bern 23 Male
luigi icon CK | Fat Tony bern image Bern Male Trash ツ
joker icon ABL | Neidnaltap neuenburg image Neuchâtel 23 Female
sonic icon SBZ | Loxcess zürich image Zurich 19 Male
donkey_kong icon Maitre_yodan waadt image Vaud 17 Male
joker icon Meliodas bern image Bern 23 Male wott öpper chli trainiere? falls ja schrieb mir
piranha_plant icon änndee zürich image Zurich 22 Male
isabelle icon Raphael neuenburg image Neuchâtel 26 Male Best Isabelle in my neighborhood (By far). Jaka is my he...
bayonetta icon Cereza waadt image Vaud 17 Male
peach icon ABL | Hase Mei Oiler neuenburg image Neuchâtel 29 Other BETA 1.1
wolf icon SBZ | Malembro aargau image Aargau 28 Male
kazuya icon SBZ | MkSwaggo zürich image Zurich 25 Male
lucina icon Nekovius neuenburg image Neuchâtel 21 Male Je débute sur smash mais j'ai de l'ambition. Mon premiè...
rob icon Plucks waadt image Vaud 21 Male Je recommence à jouer à Smash après + d'1 ans sans y joue...
dr_mario icon VOS | WReport freiburg image Friborg 17 Male 420 supporter / average gym rat
kazuya icon SynnKo 29 Male
young_link icon Fraser zürich image Zurich 25 Male
bowser icon Calimera luzern image Lucerne Female
Gamer tag Roles
kirby icon ElectronOtaka Player
wolf icon Icarus Player
young_link icon RoxasSoucsomtiam Player
captain_falcon icon haon48 Player
captain_falcon icon Fokus Player
king_dedede icon LapisLazuli Player
pichu icon MrDueli Player
ice_climbers icon SBZ | Deazy Player
mario icon Mr. Macaroni Player
samus icon BeeMZ Player
ganondorf icon John Doe Player
mega_man icon MirM Player
lucina icon ssbmeliodas Player
luigi icon Dingo Player
mr_game_and_watch icon Froui91 Player
peach icon FS | DIVE Player
roy icon Purple Player
greninja icon baudile Player
captain_falcon icon Tcerco Player
lucina icon ilutov Player
rob icon chevyshaver Player
lucas icon ABFT | spike_lee Player
pyra_and_mythra icon Yocto Player
cloud icon Keyaku Player
bowser icon Domino Player
lucario icon FS | Dydou Player
pokemon_trainer icon FS | Yuno Content creator Player Streamer
ken icon Leon Player
pikachu icon Zlash Player
wolf icon FS | Demzoc Player TO
link icon Zhayne Watt Player
fox icon FS | Lonely_Remyx Player
luigi icon CK | Fat Tony Player
joker icon ABL | Neidnaltap Player
sonic icon SBZ | Loxcess Content creator Player Streamer
donkey_kong icon Maitre_yodan Player
joker icon Meliodas Player
piranha_plant icon änndee Player
isabelle icon Raphael Player
bayonetta icon Cereza Player
peach icon ABL | Hase Mei Oiler Player
wolf icon SBZ | Malembro Player TO
kazuya icon SBZ | MkSwaggo Player TO
lucina icon Nekovius Player
rob icon Plucks Player
dr_mario icon VOS | WReport Player
kazuya icon SynnKo Player
young_link icon Fraser Player
bowser icon Calimera Player