Here you'll find some general information concerning the SwissSmash scene

Power Ranking (PR)

A tournament will be considered an official SwissSmash tournament and will count to the PR when the following requirements will be met:

  • Announced at least 2 weeks before on and on the Swiss Smash Discord tournaments channel
  • A minimum of 16 attendees
  • Reasonable seeding
  • Enough lagless setups with decent sitting opportunities
  • Must be held on a weekend and with reasonable start and end times
  • Weeklies do not count to the PR
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Here you'll find some information concerning the SwissSmash Tournament Manager

Ranking system (not final yet)

Regardless of the number of participants per tournament, the players rank at the end of a tournament decides the amount of points he or she receives.

Rank Points
1 300
2 250
3 200
4 150
5-6 100
7-8 75
9-12 50
13-16 25
17-24 15
25-32 10
>32 5

Match seeding

The initial seeding is done by providing the Challonge Tournament Manager a player list sorted by skill (player_skill = points/participations + wins/(wins+losses)*100 + self_assessment/5 + tournament_experience/10).
The final seeding is done manually by a TO or his/her representatives.

Tournament organiser

Are you organising tournaments yourself and would like to use the SwissSmash Tournament Manager? Just let me know via email.