Here you'll find some general information concerning the SwissSmash Tournament Manager.

Ranking system (not final yet)

Regardless of the number of participants per tournament, the players rank at the end of a tournament decides the amount of points he or she receives.

Rank Points
1 300
2 250
3 200
4 150
5-6 100
7-8 75
9-12 50
13-16 25
17-24 15
25-32 10
>32 5

Match seeding

The initial seeding is done by providing the Challonge Tournament Manager a player list sorted by skill (player_skill = points/participations + wins/(wins+losses) + self_assessment/5 + tournament_experience/10).
The final seeding is done manually by a TO or his/her representatives.

Prices for the winners (not final yet)

The top 3 ranks must be unambiguous. That means, if there are two or more players with the same amount of points, they have to play rematches (e.g. best of 5 games) until the three winners are clear. Each player will only receive one price.

Rank or Points (p) Prices
1 Not yet decided, Not yet decided, Not yet decided
2 Not yet decided, Not yet decided
3 Not yet decided
4-6 Not yet decided
>1500p Not yet decided
>1000p Not yet decided
>500p Not yet decided

Tournament organiser

Are you organising tournaments yourself and would like to use the SwissSmash Tournament Manager? Just let me know via email.

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