Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
sonic icon banjo_and_kazooie icon
Intermediate A little 33.33 %
rob icon shulk icon
Doing okay Some 60.0 %
sonic icon cloud icon
Doing okay A lot 17.14 %
zelda icon isabelle icon wolf icon
Beginner None -
little_mac icon
Intermediate A lot 79.49 %
link icon
Advanced A large amount 53.1 %
villager icon
Expert A large amount 61.54 %
ABFT | Farfaboulette
cloud icon pikachu icon
Noob A large amount 57.62 %
palutena icon
Advanced A large amount 64.1 %
shulk icon
Doing okay A large amount 60.1 %
rob icon pikachu icon
Doing okay A large amount 64.84 %
little_mac icon
Intermediate Some 55.81 %
inkling icon dr_mario icon
Otherworldly A large amount 65.99 %
SBZ | RuggePfnüsel
wii_fit_trainer icon joker icon wii_fit_trainer icon
Otherworldly A large amount 46.56 %
DT | Gomgem
pikachu icon lucina icon
Doing okay A large amount 54.04 %
wii_fit_trainer icon ike icon
Advanced Some -
Rohan Doge
isabelle icon
Intermediate A large amount 68.55 %
bowser icon young_link icon little_mac icon
Advanced A little 16.67 %
roy icon ness icon
Doing okay A large amount 70.15 %
shulk icon ike icon ness icon
Doing okay Some 14.29 %
samus icon young_link icon
Advanced A lot 68.97 %
yoshi icon bowser icon
Noob A little 20.0 %
king_dedede icon roy icon banjo_and_kazooie icon
Intermediate Some 41.94 %
inkling icon
Intermediate A lot 48.89 %
captain_falcon icon kirby icon joker icon
Noob A little 7.69 %
greninja icon snake icon
Advanced A lot 58.7 %
luigi icon greninja icon
Doing okay A large amount 67.28 %
Dio Mysto
ken icon cloud icon kazuya icon
Advanced A lot 41.94 %
cloud icon
Noob A little 33.33 %
mr_game_and_watch icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
SFG | Byron
isabelle icon
Advanced A large amount 64.15 %
Danger Noodle
fox icon
Doing okay A large amount 50.0 %
pichu icon pokemon_trainer icon lucina icon
Doing okay None -
chrom icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
VG | NakaJF
banjo_and_kazooie icon banjo_and_kazooie icon banjo_and_kazooie icon
Advanced A large amount 41.64 %
Thelegend27 Beginner A little 0.0 %
jigglypuff icon
Doing okay A little -
bowser_jr icon
Doing okay A large amount 43.16 %
Bruh moment
zero_suit_samus icon marth icon
Beginner Some 20.0 %
mega_man icon
Doing okay A little 33.33 %
pokemon_trainer icon
Doing okay A little 33.33 %
roy icon
Advanced A little 42.86 %
RDM | Usr
greninja icon bowser icon piranha_plant icon
Beginner A large amount 47.44 %
ganondorf icon
Beginner Some 55.56 %
palutena icon joker icon shulk icon
Doing okay A lot 41.51 %
palutena icon
Advanced A little 0.0 %
joker icon rosalina_and_luma icon isabelle icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
noetic | Deku
palutena icon
Intermediate A lot 41.94 %
palutena icon pokemon_trainer icon pikachu icon
Doing okay A little 44.44 %
snake icon piranha_plant icon terry icon
Advanced A large amount 64.68 %
Gamer tag Canton Age Gender Comment
sonic icon Ramuga aargau image Aargau 23 Male
rob icon Suntide genf image Geneva 28 Male
sonic icon BelieWin bern image Bern 22 Male
zelda icon Sakura26ify aargau image Aargau 31 Female
little_mac icon MatCarron wallis image Valais 29 Male I want to break free
link icon Snoua genf image Geneva 26 Male GoldenBoy
villager icon Zasso genf image Geneva 30 Male
cloud icon ABFT | Farfaboulette genf image Geneva 29 Male
palutena icon Kimbo genf image Geneva 21 Male I want to be the best player in the world.
shulk icon Mirio basel-land image Basel-Land 26 Male
rob icon SickBoy basel-land image Basel-Land 24 Male
little_mac icon JonyPhoney basel-stadt image Basel-City 25 Male Whatever they say, i'll never lose hope in mac >-<!
inkling icon Acsor wallis image Valais 22 Male
wii_fit_trainer icon SBZ | RuggePfnüsel zürich image Zurich 30 Male MM?
pikachu icon DT | Gomgem bern image Bern 28 Male From the french speaking region of Bern (Jura Bernois)
wii_fit_trainer icon MySaku. wallis image Valais 26 Male Valais LIBRE !
isabelle icon Rohan Doge genf image Geneva 24 Male if you read this you're gay
bowser icon JerryJ basel-land image Basel-Land Male Just for the fun
roy icon Yannwatts genf image Geneva 26 Male Rohan Doge is kinda okay at the game
shulk icon Formica waadt image Vaud 22 Male
samus icon Kudemo genf image Geneva 37 Male
yoshi icon Flutter waadt image Vaud 23 Male I am new to the tournament scene, and happy to play anyon...
king_dedede icon TheAlmightyPotato genf image Geneva 22 Male
inkling icon sleepy zürich image Zurich 26 Male
captain_falcon icon ACupOfBreadTea zürich image Zurich 23 Male
greninja icon Gankyou waadt image Vaud 27 Male
luigi icon colinmee solothurn image Solothurn 25 Male Youtube:
ken icon Dio Mysto bern image Bern 23 Male
cloud icon Fuegro Check out MGK's new song
mr_game_and_watch icon milmu73 420 blaze it
isabelle icon SFG | Byron bern image Bern 22 Male Can I get a Yikes ?
fox icon Danger Noodle aye am da noodl
pichu icon Z0ra Game on!
chrom icon maxeimaxei1 Lmao, I'm just organising a tournament and kinda have to ...
banjo_and_kazooie icon VG | NakaJF zürich image Zurich 27 Male Twitch Streamer für eine kleine aber feine Community :) S...
jigglypuff icon RagingPuff Hii
bowser_jr icon Jöni thurgau image Thurgau 23 Male oh no
zero_suit_samus icon Bruh moment Yeet
mega_man icon Der_Guru
pokemon_trainer icon Hajimaken Help
roy icon Baba Ya boi
greninja icon RDM | Usr waadt image Vaud 21 Male Full Random
ganondorf icon Xcloud I like turtles
palutena icon Zeass00
palutena icon Devuns
joker icon Demoto bern image Bern Male Attending tournaments to lose and improve : ^)
palutena icon noetic | Deku waadt image Vaud 25 Male
palutena icon Alpi29 I wanna be the very worst, like no one ever was
snake icon Godoh jura image Jura 27 Male
Gamer tag Roles
sonic icon Ramuga Player
rob icon Suntide Player
sonic icon BelieWin Player
zelda icon Sakura26ify Player
little_mac icon MatCarron Player
link icon Snoua Player
villager icon Zasso Player
cloud icon ABFT | Farfaboulette Player
palutena icon Kimbo Player
shulk icon Mirio Player TO
rob icon SickBoy Player
little_mac icon JonyPhoney Player
inkling icon Acsor Player
wii_fit_trainer icon SBZ | RuggePfnüsel Player
pikachu icon DT | Gomgem Designer Player TO
wii_fit_trainer icon MySaku. Player
isabelle icon Rohan Doge Player
bowser icon JerryJ Player
roy icon Yannwatts Player
shulk icon Formica Player
samus icon Kudemo Player
yoshi icon Flutter Player
king_dedede icon TheAlmightyPotato Player
inkling icon sleepy Player
captain_falcon icon ACupOfBreadTea Player
greninja icon Gankyou Player
luigi icon colinmee News editor Player Streamer TO
ken icon Dio Mysto Player
cloud icon Fuegro Player
mr_game_and_watch icon milmu73 Player
isabelle icon SFG | Byron Content creator Player TO
fox icon Danger Noodle Player
pichu icon Z0ra Player
chrom icon maxeimaxei1 Player
banjo_and_kazooie icon VG | NakaJF Player Streamer TO
jigglypuff icon RagingPuff Player
bowser_jr icon Jöni Player
zero_suit_samus icon Bruh moment Player
mega_man icon Der_Guru Player
pokemon_trainer icon Hajimaken Player
roy icon Baba Player
greninja icon RDM | Usr Player
ganondorf icon Xcloud Player
palutena icon Zeass00 Player
palutena icon Devuns Player
joker icon Demoto Player
palutena icon noetic | Deku Player
palutena icon Alpi29 Player
snake icon Godoh Player