Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
peach icon
Doing okay A little 33.33 %
cloud icon
Intermediate A little 20.0 %
SBZ | OBG | Jas1n
mega_man icon
Doing okay A large amount 54.32 %
rob icon cloud icon lucina icon
Noob None -
sephiroth icon sonic icon sora icon
Intermediate A large amount 60.53 %
CEDI <3 | Tee
mewtwo icon pichu icon ganondorf icon
Beginner A large amount 54.93 %
donkey_kong icon bowser icon lucina icon
Intermediate A little -
VG | Zinpars
yoshi icon ice_climbers icon min_min icon
Advanced A large amount 57.06 %
SBZ | gaya
greninja icon steve icon
Intermediate A large amount 57.22 %
pikachu icon samus icon
Intermediate A lot 39.04 %
mega_man icon king_dedede icon
Noob A little 20.0 %
robin icon ryu icon kazuya icon
Advanced A large amount 52.37 %
kirby icon
Beginner A little 28.57 %
ness icon
Advanced A large amount 54.5 %
Gamer tag Canton Age Gender Comment
peach icon Mystic
cloud icon MRTN
mega_man icon SBZ | OBG | Jas1n bern image Bern 22 Male KANSAI DORIFTO!!!
rob icon Imsuchaqt
sephiroth icon Wave(s) basel-stadt image Basel-City
mewtwo icon CEDI <3 | Tee bern image Bern Male I‘m asian
donkey_kong icon Midas Donkey Kong with the Yellow tie should be named Loubega
yoshi icon VG | Zinpars bern image Bern Male
greninja icon SBZ | gaya aargau image Aargau 21 Male
pikachu icon H.D.M.P bern image Bern 24 Male TO Weeklies Bern
mega_man icon haslo Lemons, anyone?
robin icon NoahDaniel st_gallen image St. Gallen 24 Male
kirby icon test None admin test user
ness icon Yomi bern image Bern 33 Male TO PK Bern Erupted and creator of, GermanyS...
Gamer tag Roles
peach icon Mystic Player
cloud icon MRTN Player
mega_man icon SBZ | OBG | Jas1n Player
rob icon Imsuchaqt Player
sephiroth icon Wave(s) Player
mewtwo icon CEDI <3 | Tee Player
donkey_kong icon Midas Player
yoshi icon VG | Zinpars Player
greninja icon SBZ | gaya Player
pikachu icon H.D.M.P Player
mega_man icon haslo Player
robin icon NoahDaniel Player
kirby icon test Player TO
ness icon Yomi Admin Content creator Player TO