Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
joker icon
Advanced A large amount 60.66 %
pyra_and_mythra icon kazuya icon pikachu icon
Intermediate A little -
palutena icon
Advanced A little 0.0 %
SBZ | Loxcess
sonic icon sonic icon sonic icon
Intermediate A lot 48.03 %
ganondorf icon
Noob A little 41.56 %
mihail Beginner None -
zelda icon king_dedede icon sheik icon
Advanced None -
wario icon wolf icon richter icon
Intermediate None -
LK | Mirio
shulk icon
Doing okay A large amount 60.13 %
mewtwo icon
Advanced A little 50.0 %
AG | Fr0zen
pokemon_trainer icon pokemon_trainer icon pokemon_trainer icon
Advanced A large amount 61.97 %
mario icon pikachu icon
Beginner A little -
SBZ | Fhidou
kazuya icon terry icon
Doing okay A large amount 54.16 %
pichu icon wolf icon
Advanced None -
ness icon lucas icon
Intermediate None -
snake icon bowser icon snake icon
Beginner A lot 40.0 %
cloud icon mario icon
Noob A little 33.33 %
SIR | chäsi
banjo_and_kazooie icon
Doing okay A large amount 52.84 %
sonic icon sonic icon sonic icon
Doing okay Some 10.34 %
peach icon daisy icon min_min icon
Intermediate A little -
Genzo Vineyard
samus icon
Noob A little 20.0 %
bowser_jr icon
Beginner None -
link icon young_link icon cloud icon
Beginner None -
young_link icon young_link icon young_link icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
luigi icon young_link icon donkey_kong icon
Doing okay A little 33.33 %
king_dedede icon dark_pit icon robin icon
Beginner None -
rosalina_and_luma icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
SBZ | Malembro
wolf icon
Intermediate A lot 20.48 %
dark_pit icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
Shitman Intermediate A little 30.0 %
wolf icon wario icon bowser icon
Doing okay A little 33.33 %
rob icon cloud icon lucina icon
Noob None -
yoshi icon peach icon jigglypuff icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
MM | Necu
lucas icon
Doing okay Some 33.33 %
greninja icon
Doing okay A little 38.1 %
DT | Dylseat
roy icon lucina icon
Advanced A large amount 64.36 %
luigi icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
terry icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
rob icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
villager icon terry icon
Advanced A lot 59.29 %
donkey_kong icon
Beginner A little 20.0 %
corrin icon isabelle icon
Noob Some 38.98 %
ganondorf icon
Intermediate Some 50.0 %
falco icon lucina icon falco icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
cloud icon palutena icon mario icon
Intermediate A little -
samus icon
Advanced A large amount 52.09 %
420 | Spländy
fox icon fox icon fox icon
Beginner Some 10.0 %
jigglypuff icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
pokemon_trainer icon zero_suit_samus icon
Intermediate A little 33.33 %
joker icon pokemon_trainer icon snake icon
Doing okay A little 50.0 %
Gamer tag Canton Age Gender Comment
joker icon toba luzern image Lucerne 21 Male
pyra_and_mythra icon Boschthos zürich image Zurich 21 Male
palutena icon Devuns
sonic icon SBZ | Loxcess zürich image Zurich 19 Male
ganondorf icon SBZ | JWu zürich image Zurich 27 Male
zelda icon Que luzern image Lucerne 18 Male
wario icon Sausiceon genf image Geneva 15 Male
shulk icon LK | Mirio basel-land image Basel-Land 24 Male
mewtwo icon Milkomena
pokemon_trainer icon AG | Fr0zen basel-land image Basel-Land 24 Male
mario icon Siniuxm neuenburg image Neuchâtel 37 Male
kazuya icon SBZ | Fhidou zürich image Zurich 22 Male
pichu icon allen
ness icon DAPU zürich image Zurich 16 Male
snake icon MLeKO
cloud icon Fatmirron
banjo_and_kazooie icon SIR | chäsi solothurn image Solothurn 26 Male
sonic icon KevKev
peach icon Alastyn waadt image Vaud 17 Male
samus icon Genzo Vineyard
bowser_jr icon LORIS solothurn image Solothurn 22 Male
link icon Luzz thurgau image Thurgau 19 Male
young_link icon Squitch luzern image Lucerne 13 Male
luigi icon Resics bern image Bern 20 Male
king_dedede icon Furry999 zug image Zug 15 Male
rosalina_and_luma icon wuatenigenu
wolf icon SBZ | Malembro aargau image Aargau 28 Male
dark_pit icon Elay bern image Bern 7 Male
wolf icon Rokushiiki
rob icon Imsuchaqt
yoshi icon Chapu thurgau image Thurgau 27 Male
lucas icon MM | Necu bern image Bern 28 Male
greninja icon Hornet zürich image Zurich 22 Male
roy icon DT | Dylseat waadt image Vaud 26 Male
luigi icon raftrick basel-land image Basel-Land 16 Male
terry icon SnOw
rob icon freeearl
villager icon Ice-Walker waadt image Vaud 20 Male
donkey_kong icon phteven bern image Bern 26 Male
corrin icon Berb freiburg image Friborg 28 Male
ganondorf icon Spitgreni zürich image Zurich 23 Male
falco icon Adler zürich image Zurich
cloud icon Kraashmusz st_gallen image St. Gallen 27 Male
samus icon Asuma
fox icon 420 | Spländy zürich image Zurich 30 Male
jigglypuff icon Redsasi neuenburg image Neuchâtel 21 Male
pokemon_trainer icon Zangoose st_gallen image St. Gallen 23 Male
joker icon Oasis 18 Male
Gamer tag Roles
joker icon toba Player
pyra_and_mythra icon Boschthos
palutena icon Devuns Player
sonic icon SBZ | Loxcess Content creator Player Streamer
ganondorf icon SBZ | JWu Player
zelda icon Que Player
wario icon Sausiceon Player
shulk icon LK | Mirio Player TO
mewtwo icon Milkomena Player
pokemon_trainer icon AG | Fr0zen Player
mario icon Siniuxm Player
kazuya icon SBZ | Fhidou Player
pichu icon allen Player
ness icon DAPU Player
snake icon MLeKO Player
cloud icon Fatmirron Player
banjo_and_kazooie icon SIR | chäsi Player
sonic icon KevKev Player
peach icon Alastyn Player
samus icon Genzo Vineyard Player
bowser_jr icon LORIS Player
link icon Luzz Player
young_link icon Squitch Player
luigi icon Resics Player
king_dedede icon Furry999 Player
rosalina_and_luma icon wuatenigenu Player
wolf icon SBZ | Malembro Player TO
dark_pit icon Elay Player
wolf icon Rokushiiki Player
rob icon Imsuchaqt Player
yoshi icon Chapu Player
lucas icon MM | Necu Player
greninja icon Hornet Player
roy icon DT | Dylseat Player
luigi icon raftrick Player
terry icon SnOw Player
rob icon freeearl Player
villager icon Ice-Walker Player
donkey_kong icon phteven Player
corrin icon Berb Player
ganondorf icon Spitgreni Player
falco icon Adler Player
cloud icon Kraashmusz Player
samus icon Asuma Player
fox icon 420 | Spländy Player
jigglypuff icon Redsasi Player
pokemon_trainer icon Zangoose Player
joker icon Oasis Player