Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
King Noob
wolf icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
samus icon samus icon dark_samus icon
Intermediate A little 33.33 %
Joe Mama
bowser icon cloud icon lucario icon
Expert None -
falco icon wolf icon cloud icon
Intermediate A large amount 54.35 %
villager icon jigglypuff icon isabelle icon
Beginner A little -
captain_falcon icon captain_falcon icon captain_falcon icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
captain_falcon icon
Advanced A lot 55.1 %
wii_fit_trainer icon rosalina_and_luma icon
Intermediate A lot 35.53 %
samus icon
Noob Some 12.5 %
link icon meta_knight icon bowser icon
Intermediate Some 11.11 %
roy icon ness icon
Doing okay A large amount 70.25 %
GS | Sansou
captain_falcon icon kazuya icon
Intermediate A lot 51.19 %
NXE | Tuzzi
joker icon captain_falcon icon
Noob A large amount 60.33 %
Beach Fox
fox icon
Noob None -
KoG | Sky3
captain_falcon icon pyra_and_mythra icon wii_fit_trainer icon
Beginner None -
king_dedede icon
Intermediate None -
donkey_kong icon fox icon
Advanced A lot -
pokemon_trainer icon incineroar icon toon_link icon
Beginner None -
Tacos Saucisse
mario icon mr_game_and_watch icon
Doing okay A little -
SC | Josiko
link icon
Beginner A large amount 6.44 %
SC | AirHead
jigglypuff icon jigglypuff icon jigglypuff icon
Noob A large amount 54.14 %
ridley icon marth icon terry icon
Doing okay Some 55.32 %
link icon mewtwo icon pikachu icon
Expert Some 15.0 %
[JCLT] | laffan
villager icon lucina icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
SBZ | Panfi
dark_pit icon pit icon
Intermediate A lot 51.83 %
zero_suit_samus icon
Noob A little 33.33 %
joker icon pokemon_trainer icon lucina icon
Advanced A lot 20.0 %
joker icon byleth icon roy icon
Intermediate None -
fox icon pikachu icon captain_falcon icon
Doing okay A little 14.29 %
MYT | LazerMonkey
ness icon luigi icon
Intermediate A little -
bowser_jr icon
Doing okay A large amount 42.47 %
fox icon
Advanced None -
SBZ | Jopiter
wario icon diddy_kong icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Advanced A little 31.25 %
incineroar icon
Noob A lot 16.67 %
mario icon luigi icon incineroar icon
Advanced Some -
kirby icon
Beginner A little 28.57 %
dr_mario icon
Noob A lot 7.14 %
KoG‘s | KingdomOfGames
captain_falcon icon
Noob Some 25.42 %
snake icon king_k_rool icon
Doing okay A little 25.0 %
steve icon joker icon snake icon
Doing okay None -
Doing okay A little -
ness icon cloud icon
Advanced A lot 49.02 %
ganondorf icon
Advanced None -
mii_gunner icon pyra_and_mythra icon random icon
Doing okay None -
link icon
Advanced A large amount 47.67 %
FS | Yuno
pokemon_trainer icon
Advanced A large amount 57.73 %
bowser icon ridley icon
Doing okay A little -
banjo_and_kazooie icon pikachu icon
Intermediate A little 50.0 %
samus icon dr_mario icon random icon
Intermediate A lot 51.85 %
FS | LordTurnip
peach icon steve icon joker icon
Intermediate A lot 29.69 %
Gamer tag Canton Age Gender Comment
wolf icon King Noob Sohnemann von haslo
samus icon Endor waadt image Vaud 14 Male Smash 4 Life !!!
bowser icon Joe Mama zürich image Zurich 21 Male Smash
falco icon FS | KDD freiburg image Friborg 17 Male Skibidi bop mm dada
villager icon Onion freiburg image Friborg 14 Male Side B => REST !!
captain_falcon icon Shimenone luzern image Lucerne 31 Male Show me your moves!
captain_falcon icon Arashi basel-land image Basel-Land 23 Male Show me ya moves!
wii_fit_trainer icon Kuroi solothurn image Solothurn 24 Male Schnuufe ned vergesse!
link icon Kartama waadt image Vaud 22 Male Salut tout le c'est le vrai Kartama qui vien sur la compe...
roy icon Yannwatts genf image Geneva 25 Male Rohan Doge is kinda okay at the game
captain_falcon icon GS | Sansou waadt image Vaud 19 Male Road to best Swiss Captain Falcon and now to best Kazuya
joker icon NXE | Tuzzi neuenburg image Neuchâtel 21 Male Remove Joker before playing poker 🃏
Beach Fox tessin image Ticino Male RECEBA CARALHO!!! Graças à deus 🙏
captain_falcon icon KoG | Sky3 bern image Bern 30 Male Ready to learn :)
jp waadt image Vaud 21 Ranked 1# 🇨🇭 In Brawlhalla, Former top 50 PR Global in B...
donkey_kong icon GonJa PPMD Kreygasm
pokemon_trainer icon fennec genf image Geneva 15 Male pokemon trainer main
mario icon Tacos Saucisse wallis image Valais 19 Male <Plus nous nous élevons et plus nous paraissons petits à ...
link icon SC | Josiko zürich image Zurich 29 Male Play smart not hard!
jigglypuff icon SC | AirHead zürich image Zurich 32 Male Playing solo Puff is tough. I need a rest.
ridley icon TDV waadt image Vaud 20 Female play gravity rush
link icon Raphi aargau image Aargau 26 Male Pika?
villager icon [JCLT] | laffan Philippines represent!
dark_pit icon SBZ | Panfi zürich image Zurich 21 Male #Panfi4Ovo
zero_suit_samus icon TabouretGang3000 neuenburg image Neuchâtel 29 Male ouais
joker icon Sr_Wyvern st_gallen image St. Gallen 23 Male Originally South African
joker icon Caerbannog bern image Bern 32 Male Originally from Portugal, based in Switzerland, casual si...
fox icon Ray aargau image Aargau 23 Male Olie
ness icon MYT | LazerMonkey basel-stadt image Basel-City 32 Male ~Ok & Bang Bang~
bowser_jr icon Jöni thurgau image Thurgau 22 Male oh no
fox icon WALLDOWN neuenburg image Neuchâtel 27 Male Nove sednon nova, la manière est nouvelle, mais non la ma...
wario icon SBZ | Jopiter basel-land image Basel-Land 20 Male Nothing
incineroar icon Bleislash waadt image Vaud 29 Male Not a pro, I play for fun and good games. I'm up for cas...
mario icon BeerBro zürich image Zurich 23 Male No risk, No fun!!!
kirby icon test None admin test user
dr_mario icon Pannacotta zürich image Zurich 23 Male No johns
captain_falcon icon KoG‘s | KingdomOfGames bern image Bern 30 Male Noch ein noob kommt langsam gut
snake icon AnnoyingChandru aargau image Aargau 28 Male New to Competitive ! 🤩
steve icon Mrskit thurgau image Thurgau 20 Male New into the competitive scene.
Brujtal 28 Male new boy
ness icon PaKa aargau image Aargau 34 Male NessTNess
ganondorf icon MILF zürich image Zurich 17 Male Nerf dlc
mii_gunner icon Crieux aargau image Aargau 17 Male Nachts ist es kälter als draussen, weil Joghurt keine Zäh...
link icon Linktorien waadt image Vaud 30 Male N'abandonnez jamais !
pokemon_trainer icon FS | Yuno wallis image Valais 17 Male My Charizard will burn you !
bowser icon Domino/Masuki My body is ready and never stop learning
banjo_and_kazooie icon Owaru thurgau image Thurgau 20 Male MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MU...
samus icon Djinihow waadt image Vaud 19 Male M to the b
peach icon FS | LordTurnip freiburg image Friborg 18 Male Mr.Duchmol
Gamer tag Roles
wolf icon King Noob Player
samus icon Endor Player
bowser icon Joe Mama Player
falco icon FS | KDD Player
villager icon Onion Player
captain_falcon icon Shimenone Player
captain_falcon icon Arashi Player
wii_fit_trainer icon Kuroi Player
samus icon SHIN Player
link icon Kartama Player
roy icon Yannwatts Player
captain_falcon icon GS | Sansou Player Streamer TO
joker icon NXE | Tuzzi Player
Beach Fox Player
captain_falcon icon KoG | Sky3 Player
jp Player
donkey_kong icon GonJa Player
pokemon_trainer icon fennec Player
mario icon Tacos Saucisse Player
link icon SC | Josiko Player
jigglypuff icon SC | AirHead Player
ridley icon TDV Player
link icon Raphi Player
villager icon [JCLT] | laffan Player
dark_pit icon SBZ | Panfi Player Streamer
zero_suit_samus icon TabouretGang3000 Player
joker icon Sr_Wyvern Player
joker icon Caerbannog Player
fox icon Ray Player
ness icon MYT | LazerMonkey Player
bowser_jr icon Jöni Player
fox icon WALLDOWN Player
wario icon SBZ | Jopiter Player
incineroar icon Bleislash Player
mario icon BeerBro Player
kirby icon test Player TO
dr_mario icon Pannacotta Player
captain_falcon icon KoG‘s | KingdomOfGames Player TO
snake icon AnnoyingChandru Player
steve icon Mrskit Player
Brujtal Player
ness icon PaKa Player
ganondorf icon MILF Player
mii_gunner icon Crieux Player
link icon Linktorien Player
pokemon_trainer icon FS | Yuno Player TO
bowser icon Domino/Masuki Player
banjo_and_kazooie icon Owaru Player
samus icon Djinihow Player
peach icon FS | LordTurnip Player