Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
SH | Gax
inkling icon sephiroth icon cloud icon
Intermediate A lot 44.44 %
SFG | Hugeaux
inkling icon
Advanced A large amount 63.81 %
inkling icon
Doing okay A little -
Kitsune Nosaka
isabelle icon isabelle icon isabelle icon
Noob A little -
isabelle icon isabelle icon isabelle icon
Intermediate A lot 55.81 %
KRW | bistouke
isabelle icon sephiroth icon captain_falcon icon
Intermediate A little -
isabelle icon shulk icon
Doing okay A little 25.0 %
isabelle icon
Expert A large amount 74.57 %
isabelle icon
Doing okay Some 25.0 %
SFG | Byron
isabelle icon
Advanced A large amount 64.15 %
isabelle icon
Beginner A little 25.0 %
Rohan Doge
isabelle icon
Intermediate A large amount 68.55 %
jigglypuff icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
jigglypuff icon
Doing okay A little -
jigglypuff icon diddy_kong icon peach icon
Advanced None -
jigglypuff icon donkey_kong icon pikachu icon
Advanced None -
jigglypuff icon falco icon palutena icon
Beginner None -
jigglypuff icon isabelle icon robin icon
Noob Some 15.79 %
SC | AirHead
jigglypuff icon jigglypuff icon jigglypuff icon
Noob A large amount 54.33 %
jigglypuff icon joker icon
Noob A little 33.33 %
jigglypuff icon mario icon bowser icon
Intermediate None -
jigglypuff icon wolf icon
Beginner Some 38.46 %
jigglypuff icon
Intermediate A large amount 44.36 %
joker icon
Noob A lot 17.65 %
joker icon
Doing okay A lot 56.7 %
ABL | Neidnaltap
joker icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
joker icon
Intermediate A little 11.11 %
joker icon
Beginner None -
joker icon
Beginner A lot 41.54 %
joker icon
Beginner A little 50.0 %
joker icon bowser icon
Doing okay A little 40.0 %
joker icon byleth icon roy icon
Intermediate None -
NXE | Tuzzi
joker icon captain_falcon icon
Noob A large amount 60.33 %
MNL | Sentash
joker icon cloud icon mewtwo icon
Advanced A little 53.33 %
joker icon dark_samus icon
Intermediate A little 33.33 %
joker icon dark_samus icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
joker icon fox icon pichu icon
Doing okay A little 11.11 %
joker icon greninja icon
Doing okay Some 9.09 %
joker icon jigglypuff icon
Noob Some 29.79 %
joker icon king_k_rool icon
Advanced None -
joker icon lucina icon
Doing okay A lot 27.87 %
joker icon mario icon falco icon
Beginner None -
joker icon mario icon fox icon
Beginner A lot 20.45 %
joker icon min_min icon
Noob None -
joker icon pokemon_trainer icon lucina icon
Advanced A lot 20.0 %
joker icon pokemon_trainer icon snake icon
Doing okay A little 50.0 %
joker icon ridley icon min_min icon
Beginner Some 27.27 %
joker icon robin icon inkling icon
Advanced A little 0.0 %
joker icon rosalina_and_luma icon isabelle icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
joker icon roy icon
Intermediate None -
Gamer tag Canton Age Gender Comment
inkling icon SH | Gax zürich image Zurich 28 Male Bin aus Österreich
inkling icon SFG | Hugeaux waadt image Vaud Male amogus sussy imposter 47
inkling icon Samuskii basel-stadt image Basel-City 22 Male I'm sleep
isabelle icon Kitsune Nosaka waadt image Vaud 32 Male ALL HAIL ISABELLE/MARIE/FUFFI
isabelle icon Perce waadt image Vaud 30 Male Je main Isabelle. Jaka est mon idole. Wallah.
isabelle icon KRW | bistouke wallis image Valais 16 Male
isabelle icon rohrbato bern image Bern 31 Male
isabelle icon Jaka st_gallen image St. Gallen 26 Male Meep
isabelle icon Parpaing zürich image Zurich 22 Other Add me for wifi
isabelle icon SFG | Byron bern image Bern 22 Male Can I get a Yikes ?
isabelle icon Remoraid schwyz image Schwyz 23 Male
isabelle icon Rohan Doge genf image Geneva 24 Male if you read this you're gay
jigglypuff icon Redsasi neuenburg image Neuchâtel 23 Male
jigglypuff icon RagingPuff Hii
jigglypuff icon Arikawa st_gallen image St. Gallen 26 Male
jigglypuff icon raf bern image Bern 25 Male looking for new people to play against :)
jigglypuff icon Barbouille20 waadt image Vaud 17 Male
jigglypuff icon Fu-mi basel-land image Basel-Land
jigglypuff icon SC | AirHead zürich image Zurich 33 Male Playing solo Puff is tough. I need a rest.
jigglypuff icon Cyanide st_gallen image St. Gallen 31 Male Looking for people to play offline matches
jigglypuff icon C0RR1T_ zürich image Zurich 19 Male Yes, I watch Hungrybox.
jigglypuff icon Katsufyy tessin image Ticino 25 Female
jigglypuff icon Kromarkh wallis image Valais 34 Male
joker icon certess bern image Bern 22 Male
joker icon ghost zürich image Zurich 27 Male
joker icon ABL | Neidnaltap neuenburg image Neuchâtel 25 Female
joker icon StillntAndi aargau image Aargau 23 Male
joker icon Tista waadt image Vaud 25 Male
joker icon twinh genf image Geneva 22 Male je suis pa tré for
joker icon RiceMoney
joker icon Kusari basel-land image Basel-Land 24 Male
joker icon Caerbannog bern image Bern 33 Male Originally from Portugal, based in Switzerland, casual si...
joker icon NXE | Tuzzi neuenburg image Neuchâtel 22 Male Remove Joker before playing poker 🃏
joker icon MNL | Sentash basel-land image Basel-Land 31 Male
joker icon Manugraffiti bern image Bern 25 Male
joker icon Kronyx zürich image Zurich 26 Male
joker icon Hardi Whatever
joker icon Juanubis bern image Bern 31 Male
joker icon Miroko bern image Bern 20 Other
joker icon Madara_54 aargau image Aargau 27 Male
joker icon dio basel-stadt image Basel-City 27 Male
joker icon lez freiburg image Friborg 17 Male
joker icon 7t8 solothurn image Solothurn 17
joker icon Tokyo neuenburg image Neuchâtel 18 Male Bonsoir
joker icon Sr_Wyvern st_gallen image St. Gallen 24 Male Originally South African
joker icon Oasis 20 Male
joker icon Mewshake
joker icon Babagandi aargau image Aargau 27 Male
joker icon Demoto bern image Bern Male Attending tournaments to lose and improve : ^)
joker icon GBM solothurn image Solothurn 17 Male I try my best
Gamer tag Roles
inkling icon SH | Gax Player
inkling icon SFG | Hugeaux Player
inkling icon Samuskii Player
isabelle icon Kitsune Nosaka Player
isabelle icon Perce Player
isabelle icon KRW | bistouke Player
isabelle icon rohrbato Player
isabelle icon Jaka Player Streamer TO
isabelle icon Parpaing Player
isabelle icon SFG | Byron Content creator Player TO
isabelle icon Remoraid Player
isabelle icon Rohan Doge Player
jigglypuff icon Redsasi Player
jigglypuff icon RagingPuff Player
jigglypuff icon Arikawa Player
jigglypuff icon raf Player
jigglypuff icon Barbouille20 Player
jigglypuff icon Fu-mi Player
jigglypuff icon SC | AirHead Player
jigglypuff icon Cyanide Player
jigglypuff icon C0RR1T_ Player
jigglypuff icon Katsufyy Player
jigglypuff icon Kromarkh Player
joker icon certess Player
joker icon ghost Player
joker icon ABL | Neidnaltap Player
joker icon StillntAndi Player
joker icon Tista Player
joker icon twinh Player
joker icon RiceMoney Player
joker icon Kusari Player
joker icon Caerbannog Player
joker icon NXE | Tuzzi Player
joker icon MNL | Sentash Player
joker icon Manugraffiti Player
joker icon Kronyx Player
joker icon Hardi Player
joker icon Juanubis Player
joker icon Miroko Player
joker icon Madara_54 Player
joker icon dio Player
joker icon lez Player
joker icon 7t8 Player
joker icon Tokyo Player
joker icon Sr_Wyvern Player
joker icon Oasis Player
joker icon Mewshake Player
joker icon Babagandi Player
joker icon Demoto Player
joker icon GBM Player