Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
toon_link icon
Intermediate None -
villager icon
Expert A large amount 61.54 %
villager icon jigglypuff icon isabelle icon
Beginner A little -
[JCLT] | laffan
villager icon lucina icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
SBZ | Zeno
villager icon pit icon
Expert A large amount 58.92 %
villager icon terry icon
Advanced A large amount 64.36 %
AG | Benji
wario icon
Advanced A large amount 64.45 %
wario icon
Intermediate A large amount 44.04 %
wario icon banjo_and_kazooie icon king_k_rool icon
Doing okay None -
wario icon captain_falcon icon
Beginner None -
CHG | deazy
wario icon diddy_kong icon
Intermediate A little -
wario icon donkey_kong icon mr_game_and_watch icon
Intermediate Some 42.86 %
wario icon dr_mario icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
CDFW | Armonia
wario icon marth icon
Beginner A little 20.0 %
wario icon sora icon mii_brawler icon
Doing okay A lot 37.1 %
wario icon wolf icon richter icon
Intermediate None -
ZG | Thexiaphie
wii_fit_trainer icon
Intermediate Some 60.0 %
BG | Crash
wii_fit_trainer icon bowser icon
Expert A large amount 73.0 %
wii_fit_trainer icon ike icon
Advanced Some -
SBZ | RuggePfnüsel
wii_fit_trainer icon joker icon wii_fit_trainer icon
Otherworldly A large amount 46.56 %
wii_fit_trainer icon king_dedede icon
Intermediate None -
wii_fit_trainer icon peach icon yoshi icon
Noob None -
wii_fit_trainer icon rosalina_and_luma icon
Intermediate A lot 35.53 %
Sah | Flozyxe
wii_fit_trainer icon wii_fit_trainer icon wii_fit_trainer icon
Noob None -
SBZ | Malembro
wolf icon
Intermediate A lot 20.48 %
King Noob
wolf icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
wolf icon
Beginner None -
wolf icon
Doing okay A little 37.5 %
wolf icon captain_falcon icon
Doing okay None -
wolf icon ganondorf icon
Doing okay A lot 11.86 %
wolf icon joker icon cloud icon
Expert A large amount 66.43 %
wolf icon marth icon greninja icon
Doing okay Some 0.0 %
wolf icon pikachu icon
Advanced None -
FS | Demzoc
wolf icon rosalina_and_luma icon kirby icon
Doing okay A large amount 34.42 %
wolf icon roy icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
NXE | Envy
wolf icon sheik icon
Beginner A large amount 65.2 %
wolf icon sheik icon zero_suit_samus icon
Beginner A little 25.0 %
SC | NullSpace
wolf icon snake icon
Intermediate A lot 41.73 %
wolf icon toon_link icon
Beginner A little 50.0 %
wolf icon wario icon bowser icon
Doing okay A little 33.33 %
wolf icon wario icon joker icon
Intermediate Some 26.0 %
wolf icon young_link icon joker icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
RDM | Yuma
yoshi icon
Beginner A lot 37.31 %
yoshi icon
Beginner A little 41.67 %
yoshi icon
Beginner None -
yoshi icon
Doing okay A little 36.84 %
FS | Rosbwa
yoshi icon
Advanced A lot 56.41 %
yoshi icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
yoshi icon
Beginner None -
yoshi icon bowser icon
Noob A little 20.0 %
Gamer tag Canton Age Gender Comment
toon_link icon Hemingway genf image Geneva 28 Male
villager icon Zasso genf image Geneva 30 Male
villager icon Onion freiburg image Friborg 15 Male Side B => REST !!
villager icon [JCLT] | laffan Philippines represent!
villager icon SBZ | Zeno zürich image Zurich 24 Male DieSacheMitDenKlößen:DerPeterWarEinRenommist.IhrWißtViell...
villager icon Ice-Walker waadt image Vaud 22 Male
wario icon AG | Benji basel-land image Basel-Land 25 Male
wario icon Beershirt bern image Bern 27 Male It's time for beershit!
wario icon Schmart zürich image Zurich 19 Male 14y dude
wario icon Kuriboh neuenburg image Neuchâtel 18 Male Je cherche des tournois à proximités de Neuchâtel
wario icon CHG | deazy bern image Bern 19 Male washed
wario icon JoshWah zürich image Zurich 21 Male
wario icon Raybob basel-land image Basel-Land 25 Male I play smash sometimes :D
wario icon CDFW | Armonia neuenburg image Neuchâtel 13 Male Couscous !!!!
wario icon Lukino
wario icon Sausiceon genf image Geneva 17 Male
wii_fit_trainer icon ZG | Thexiaphie
wii_fit_trainer icon BG | Crash aargau image Aargau 33 Male
wii_fit_trainer icon MySaku. wallis image Valais 26 Male Valais LIBRE !
wii_fit_trainer icon SBZ | RuggePfnüsel zürich image Zurich 30 Male MM?
wii_fit_trainer icon ShowMeYaMoves solothurn image Solothurn 31 Male
wii_fit_trainer icon Lore waadt image Vaud 23 Male Un big débutant sur le jeu j'aimerais bien voir l'ambianc...
wii_fit_trainer icon Kuroi solothurn image Solothurn 25 Male Schnuufe ned vergesse!
wii_fit_trainer icon Sah | Flozyxe waadt image Vaud 23 Male
wolf icon SBZ | Malembro aargau image Aargau 30 Male
wolf icon King Noob Sohnemann von haslo
wolf icon Wolfi72 wallis image Valais 28 Male
wolf icon Arkhaning freiburg image Friborg Male
wolf icon kero basel-stadt image Basel-City 33 Male
wolf icon stego zürich image Zurich 30 Male
wolf icon mistic aargau image Aargau 26 Male Steve isch hype
wolf icon solothurn image Solothurn 27 Male sup
wolf icon Scruffy 18 Male Im not to good
wolf icon FS | Demzoc freiburg image Friborg 18 Male Link enfant est fondamentalement raciste...
wolf icon karsten187 st_gallen image St. Gallen 20 Male
wolf icon NXE | Envy
wolf icon Koyomi bern image Bern 20 Male
wolf icon SC | NullSpace zürich image Zurich 26 Male
wolf icon skice freiburg image Friborg 17 Male
wolf icon Rokushiiki
wolf icon Juan bern image Bern Male
wolf icon Icarus waadt image Vaud 22 Male
yoshi icon RDM | Yuma waadt image Vaud 20 Male
yoshi icon Telser thurgau image Thurgau Male
yoshi icon nahuel waadt image Vaud 21 Male
yoshi icon cex
yoshi icon FS | Rosbwa freiburg image Friborg 28 Male
yoshi icon Jaffar93 bern image Bern 31 Male Desu
yoshi icon Abroxas
yoshi icon Flutter waadt image Vaud 23 Male I am new to the tournament scene, and happy to play anyon...
Gamer tag Roles
toon_link icon Hemingway Player
villager icon Zasso Player
villager icon Onion Player
villager icon [JCLT] | laffan Player
villager icon SBZ | Zeno News editor Player
villager icon Ice-Walker Player
wario icon AG | Benji Player
wario icon Beershirt Player
wario icon Schmart Player
wario icon Kuriboh Player
wario icon CHG | deazy Player
wario icon JoshWah Player
wario icon Raybob Player
wario icon CDFW | Armonia Player
wario icon Lukino Player
wario icon Sausiceon Player
wii_fit_trainer icon ZG | Thexiaphie Player
wii_fit_trainer icon BG | Crash Player TO
wii_fit_trainer icon MySaku. Player
wii_fit_trainer icon SBZ | RuggePfnüsel Player
wii_fit_trainer icon ShowMeYaMoves Player
wii_fit_trainer icon Lore Player
wii_fit_trainer icon Kuroi Player
wii_fit_trainer icon Sah | Flozyxe Player
wolf icon SBZ | Malembro Player TO
wolf icon King Noob Player
wolf icon Wolfi72 Player
wolf icon Arkhaning Player
wolf icon kero Player
wolf icon stego Player
wolf icon mistic Player
wolf icon Player
wolf icon Scruffy Player
wolf icon FS | Demzoc Player TO
wolf icon karsten187 Player
wolf icon NXE | Envy Player
wolf icon Koyomi Player
wolf icon SC | NullSpace Player
wolf icon skice Player
wolf icon Rokushiiki Player
wolf icon Juan Player
wolf icon Icarus Player
yoshi icon RDM | Yuma Player
yoshi icon Telser Player
yoshi icon nahuel Player
yoshi icon cex Player
yoshi icon FS | Rosbwa Player
yoshi icon Jaffar93 Player
yoshi icon Abroxas Player
yoshi icon Flutter Player