Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
wolf icon
Doing okay A little 37.5 %
mewtwo icon
Doing okay A little 33.33 %
palutena icon inkling icon
Intermediate A large amount 54.52 %
ness icon byleth icon
Doing okay A little 60.0 %
2CG | DOP | Armando
lucario icon
Doing okay A little 33.33 %
lucina icon zero_suit_samus icon
Beginner A little -
JoJo | Arupu
incineroar icon mewtwo icon
Intermediate A little 0.0 %
pac_man icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
snus | asterix Noob A little 33.33 %
yoshi icon samus icon
Intermediate A little 40.0 %
samus icon
Advanced A large amount 52.53 %
pichu icon sonic icon
Beginner A little 37.5 %
falco icon
Intermediate A little -
pyra_and_mythra icon little_mac icon joker icon
Intermediate A little 24.0 %
kirby icon
Beginner None -
lucas icon
Noob A lot 30.95 %
roy icon
Advanced A little 42.86 %
joker icon robin icon inkling icon
Advanced A little 0.0 %
SBZ | Backhandschuh-Mann
pac_man icon
Advanced A lot 40.96 %
sheik icon palutena icon luigi icon
Noob None -
ness icon cloud icon jigglypuff icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
king_dedede icon bowser icon isabelle icon
Intermediate A little -
ness icon bowser icon isabelle icon
Doing okay A little 25.0 %
Bakebake Beginner A lot 40.0 %
king_k_rool icon ganondorf icon wario icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
jigglypuff icon falco icon palutena icon
Beginner None -
mr_game_and_watch icon
Doing okay None -
zelda icon
Doing okay A little 62.07 %
ness icon yoshi icon joker icon
Doing okay None -
greninja icon pikachu icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
baz00k Beginner A little 25.0 %
dark_pit icon mr_game_and_watch icon
Intermediate A lot 8.33 %
BBT | briqu3 smash
byleth icon jigglypuff icon young_link icon
Noob A little -
Beach Fox
fox icon
Noob None -
samus icon ryu icon ridley icon
Doing okay None 33.33 %
mario icon luigi icon incineroar icon
Advanced Some -
wario icon
Intermediate A large amount 44.04 %
sonic icon cloud icon
Doing okay Some 19.05 %
peach icon
Noob A little 20.0 %
AG | Benji
wario icon
Advanced A large amount 64.73 %
srq | benny
palutena icon rob icon
Advanced A large amount 60.71 %
ABFT | Benooou
rob icon
Intermediate Some 53.85 %
corrin icon isabelle icon
Noob Some 37.5 %
HR | Bergbuur
pikachu icon mewtwo icon olimar icon
Doing okay A lot 38.24 %
steve icon
Doing okay A large amount 58.35 %
marth icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
ness icon joker icon bayonetta icon
Expert A little 58.33 %
mario icon
Doing okay A lot 30.16 %
bowser icon
Noob Some 30.0 %
greninja icon pokemon_trainer icon mario icon
Intermediate A little 42.86 %
Gamer tag Canton Age Gender Comment
wolf icon Arkhaning freiburg image Friborg Male
Arkiryum genf image Geneva 19 Male
palutena icon Arkivana genf image Geneva 30 Male
ness icon Armageddon waadt image Vaud 19 Male
lucario icon 2CG | DOP | Armando tessin image Ticino 21 Male
lucina icon aRTycH basel-stadt image Basel-City 23 Male HI
incineroar icon JoJo | Arupu schaffhausen image Schaffhausen 26 Male Hello, i play cat.
pac_man icon Aspirin bern image Bern Male
snus | asterix
basel-land image Basel-Land 22 Male
yoshi icon Astrou wallis image Valais 21 Male
samus icon Asuma bern image Bern
pichu icon ati
falco icon ATOKA waadt image Vaud 18 Male
pyra_and_mythra icon Avinsic bern image Bern 23 Male
kirby icon awol
lucas icon Azennore waadt image Vaud Male
roy icon Baba Ya boi
joker icon Babagandi aargau image Aargau 26 Male
pac_man icon SBZ | Backhandschuh-Mann zürich image Zurich 25 Male Der Backhandschuhmann enters the game!
sheik icon Bagpipe zürich image Zurich 23 Male
ness icon Bair
king_dedede icon Baka69 solothurn image Solothurn 25 Male
ness icon Bakanotto How do i spam PK FIRE
freiburg image Friborg Male
king_k_rool icon Barbamos zürich image Zurich 23 Male
jigglypuff icon Barbouille20 waadt image Vaud 16 Male
mr_game_and_watch icon Bass~ zürich image Zurich 33 Male
zelda icon Bathory bern image Bern 30 Male Low tier ftw
ness icon Batu1270 zürich image Zurich 18 Male
greninja icon baudile waadt image Vaud 19 Male
dark_pit icon BBFOX genf image Geneva 25 Male
byleth icon BBT | briqu3 smash bern image Bern 19 Male
Beach Fox tessin image Ticino Male RECEBA CARALHO!!! Graças à deus 🙏
samus icon BeeMZ zürich image Zurich 19 Male Triple C is key - cool - calm - collected
mario icon BeerBro zürich image Zurich 23 Male No risk, No fun!!!
wario icon Beershirt bern image Bern 26 Male It's time for beershit!
sonic icon BelieWin bern image Bern 21 Male
peach icon Bendrig st_gallen image St. Gallen 23 Male Bin 1 swaggy dude
wario icon AG | Benji basel-land image Basel-Land 24 Male
palutena icon srq | benny 26 Male
rob icon ABFT | Benooou genf image Geneva 27 Male
corrin icon Berb freiburg image Friborg 29 Male
pikachu icon HR | Bergbuur zürich image Zurich 35 Other Tätschmeister
steve icon BigBorisFan zürich image Zurich 29 Male
marth icon Bilus bern image Bern 25 Male
ness icon Bingboom basel-stadt image Basel-City 22 Male
mario icon Biyd jura image Jura 19 Male
bowser icon Blaba zürich image Zurich 24 Male
greninja icon Blacky420 bern image Bern 22 Male
Gamer tag Roles
wolf icon Arkhaning Player
Arkiryum Player
palutena icon Arkivana Player
ness icon Armageddon Player
lucario icon 2CG | DOP | Armando Player
lucina icon aRTycH Player
incineroar icon JoJo | Arupu Player
pac_man icon Aspirin Player
snus | asterix
yoshi icon Astrou Player
samus icon Asuma Player
pichu icon ati Player
falco icon ATOKA Player
pyra_and_mythra icon Avinsic Player
kirby icon awol Player
lucas icon Azennore Player
roy icon Baba Player
joker icon Babagandi Player
pac_man icon SBZ | Backhandschuh-Mann Player
sheik icon Bagpipe Player
ness icon Bair Player
king_dedede icon Baka69 Player
ness icon Bakanotto Player
king_k_rool icon Barbamos Player
jigglypuff icon Barbouille20 Player
mr_game_and_watch icon Bass~ Player
zelda icon Bathory Player
ness icon Batu1270 Player
greninja icon baudile Player
dark_pit icon BBFOX Player
byleth icon BBT | briqu3 smash Player
Beach Fox Player
samus icon BeeMZ Player
mario icon BeerBro Player
wario icon Beershirt Player
sonic icon BelieWin Player
peach icon Bendrig Player
wario icon AG | Benji Player
palutena icon srq | benny Player
rob icon ABFT | Benooou Player
corrin icon Berb Player
pikachu icon HR | Bergbuur Player TO
steve icon BigBorisFan Player
marth icon Bilus Player
ness icon Bingboom Player
mario icon Biyd Player
bowser icon Blaba Player
greninja icon Blacky420 Player