Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
pikachu icon samus icon young_link icon
Beginner A little -
SC | NullSpace
wolf icon snake icon
Intermediate A lot 41.73 %
joker icon pokemon_trainer icon snake icon
Doing okay A little 50.0 %
snake icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
peach icon captain_falcon icon daisy icon
Beginner None -
WoR | Olivia
duck_hunt icon rob icon wii_fit_trainer icon
Noob A large amount 71.35 %
mario icon byleth icon yoshi icon
Doing okay Some 30.43 %
captain_falcon icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
ness icon
Beginner None -
ken icon ryu icon
Advanced Some 59.57 %
villager icon jigglypuff icon isabelle icon
Beginner A little -
opheliadanks Beginner None -
samus icon zero_suit_samus icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
dark_samus icon
Advanced A little -
link icon
Advanced Some 41.3 %
toon_link icon cloud icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
sonic icon
Doing okay A little -
OVNI | Oui
luigi icon fox icon
Advanced A large amount -
banjo_and_kazooie icon pikachu icon
Intermediate A little 50.0 %
falco icon mewtwo icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
mr_game_and_watch icon
Doing okay A lot 25.0 %
captain_falcon icon captain_falcon icon captain_falcon icon
Intermediate None -
ness icon cloud icon
Advanced A lot 49.02 %
palutena icon pit icon
Beginner A little 25.0 %
sephiroth icon lucina icon
Beginner A little 40.0 %
SBZ | Panfi
dark_pit icon pit icon
Intermediate Some 50.0 %
dr_mario icon
Noob A lot 7.14 %
Parz Beginner A little 20.0 %
young_link icon falco icon toon_link icon
Beginner None -
lucas icon
Intermediate A lot 59.46 %
ganondorf icon terry icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
donkey_kong icon
Intermediate None -
dark_pit icon falco icon dark_samus icon
Advanced A little 0.0 %
zero_suit_samus icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
dr_mario icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
king_k_rool icon snake icon rob icon
Intermediate A little 57.14 %
isabelle icon isabelle icon isabelle icon
Intermediate A lot 52.94 %
captain_falcon icon cloud icon
Intermediate A little 0.0 %
eLS | Phonky
pac_man icon mr_game_and_watch icon
Professional A large amount 65.53 %
donkey_kong icon
Beginner A little 20.0 %
FS | Pic
bowser icon
Doing okay Some 35.14 %
link icon isabelle icon
Beginner A lot 30.16 %
NG | Piyamon
marth icon joker icon byleth icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
pit icon dark_pit icon
Beginner A little 20.0 %
Low | Playback
donkey_kong icon king_k_rool icon incineroar icon
Beginner Some 25.93 %
rob icon fox icon captain_falcon icon
Noob A little 33.33 %
palutena icon
Beginner None -
link icon pikachu icon donkey_kong icon
Doing okay None -
pokemon_trainer icon joker icon
Beginner None -
PJC | Prid3
zelda icon incineroar icon inkling icon
Doing okay A little -
Gamer tag Canton Age Gender Comment
pikachu icon NrRp-Ghost aargau image Aargau 21 Male
wolf icon SC | NullSpace zürich image Zurich 24 Male
joker icon Oasis 18 Male
snake icon Okarin_Smash
peach icon olegmon wallis image Valais 16 Male
duck_hunt icon WoR | Olivia neuenburg image Neuchâtel Female That's me Olivia <3 I like unicorns and soccerballs !
mario icon OnePunch bern image Bern 30 Male
captain_falcon icon onetricc
ness icon OnettNative waadt image Vaud 17 Male #fixultimateonline
ken icon ONI tessin image Ticino 32 Male Kakatte ki na!
villager icon Onion freiburg image Friborg 13 Male Side B => REST !!
36 Other I've been surfing online more than three hours today, yet...
samus icon Öpii It's dangerous to go alone!
dark_samus icon Orci zürich image Zurich 18 Male
link icon Orlando basel-land image Basel-Land 26 Male
toon_link icon Orykk zürich image Zurich 31 Male Good brawl, guys o⁷
sonic icon OtoKa waadt image Vaud 17 Other J'ai envie de m'améliorer voilà tout
luigi icon OVNI | Oui 22 Male
banjo_and_kazooie icon Owaru thurgau image Thurgau 19 Male MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MU...
falco icon Pac st_gallen image St. Gallen 25 Male
mr_game_and_watch icon Pacer jura image Jura 18 Male
captain_falcon icon Pachec15 waadt image Vaud 24 Male Looking for some players who want to evolve together.
ness icon PaKa aargau image Aargau 33 Male NessTNess
palutena icon palinoia solothurn image Solothurn 18 Female
sephiroth icon Pandemian freiburg image Friborg 24 Male
dark_pit icon SBZ | Panfi zürich image Zurich 20 Male #Panfi4Ovo
dr_mario icon Pannacotta zürich image Zurich 22 Male No johns
young_link icon patch freiburg image Friborg 14 Male
lucas icon PATOO genf image Geneva 18 Male Ah
ganondorf icon Patrificent basel-land image Basel-Land 25 Male
donkey_kong icon Peace thurgau image Thurgau
dark_pit icon Pej zürich image Zurich 30 Male
zero_suit_samus icon PePat thurgau image Thurgau 29 Male
dr_mario icon PeppaPig EnjoyYourself ;)
king_k_rool icon Peppermint64 bern image Bern 20 Male
isabelle icon Perce waadt image Vaud 28 Male Je main Isabelle. Jaka est mon idole. Wallah.
captain_falcon icon Phanta waadt image Vaud 24 Male
pac_man icon eLS | Phonky luzern image Lucerne 27 Male 3 Stripes
donkey_kong icon phteven bern image Bern 26 Male
bowser icon FS | Pic freiburg image Friborg 27
link icon Pimss
marth icon NG | Piyamon freiburg image Friborg 14 Male
pit icon Plat bern image Bern 26 Male
donkey_kong icon Low | Playback zürich image Zurich 23 Male
rob icon Plucks waadt image Vaud 21 Male Je recommence à jouer à Smash après + d'1 ans sans y joue...
palutena icon Poterus bern image Bern 25 Male
link icon Pouletos freiburg image Friborg 16 Male J'aimerais m'améliorer en jouant contre des bons joueurs :)
pokemon_trainer icon Prezzoor waadt image Vaud 25 Male je veux me faire une idée de ce que ça fait de faire des ...
zelda icon PJC | Prid3 bern image Bern 18 Male
Gamer tag Roles
pikachu icon NrRp-Ghost Player
wolf icon SC | NullSpace Player
joker icon Oasis Player
snake icon Okarin_Smash Player
peach icon olegmon Player
duck_hunt icon WoR | Olivia Player
mario icon OnePunch Player
captain_falcon icon onetricc Player
ness icon OnettNative Player
ken icon ONI Player
villager icon Onion Player
samus icon Öpii Player
dark_samus icon Orci Player
link icon Orlando Player
toon_link icon Orykk Player
sonic icon OtoKa Player
luigi icon OVNI | Oui Player
banjo_and_kazooie icon Owaru Player
falco icon Pac Player
mr_game_and_watch icon Pacer Player
captain_falcon icon Pachec15 Player
ness icon PaKa Player
palutena icon palinoia Player
sephiroth icon Pandemian Player
dark_pit icon SBZ | Panfi Player Streamer
dr_mario icon Pannacotta Player
young_link icon patch Player
lucas icon PATOO Player
ganondorf icon Patrificent Player
donkey_kong icon Peace Player
dark_pit icon Pej Player
zero_suit_samus icon PePat Player
dr_mario icon PeppaPig Player
king_k_rool icon Peppermint64 Player
isabelle icon Perce Player
captain_falcon icon Phanta Player
pac_man icon eLS | Phonky Player Streamer
donkey_kong icon phteven Player
bowser icon FS | Pic Player Team manager TO
link icon Pimss Player
marth icon NG | Piyamon Player
pit icon Plat Player
donkey_kong icon Low | Playback Player
rob icon Plucks Player
palutena icon Poterus Player
link icon Pouletos Player
pokemon_trainer icon Prezzoor Player
zelda icon PJC | Prid3 Player