Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
SC | Josiko
link icon
Beginner A large amount 6.44 %
link icon
Advanced A lot 43.04 %
little_mac icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
little_mac icon
Intermediate None -
little_mac icon
Intermediate Some 55.81 %
little_mac icon
Intermediate A lot 79.49 %
little_mac icon banjo_and_kazooie icon donkey_kong icon
Expert Some 50.0 %
little_mac icon bowser icon captain_falcon icon
Doing okay None -
little_mac icon greninja icon
Intermediate A lot 52.81 %
little_mac icon ice_climbers icon lucina icon
Doing okay None -
little_mac icon olimar icon wii_fit_trainer icon
Advanced A little 28.57 %
LL | Ghosti
little_mac icon pikachu icon young_link icon
Doing okay Some -
little_mac icon random icon captain_falcon icon
Beginner A little 33.33 %
little_mac icon rosalina_and_luma icon hero icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
little_mac icon wii_fit_trainer icon jigglypuff icon
Doing okay Some 33.33 %
Doing okay A little -
Lost Chicken
lucario icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
lucario icon
Doing okay A little -
FS | Dydou
lucario icon lucario icon lucario icon
Intermediate A large amount 49.72 %
None | CupcakeS
lucario icon lucario icon lucario icon
Intermediate None -
lucario icon lucina icon
Noob A little -
lucario icon shulk icon greninja icon
Beginner A lot 8.47 %
2CG | DOP | Armando
lucario icon
Doing okay A little 33.33 %
lucas icon
Beginner A little 60.0 %
MM | Necu
lucas icon
Doing okay Some 33.33 %
lucas icon
Intermediate A large amount 66.19 %
lucas icon corrin icon little_mac icon
Doing okay A large amount 61.71 %
lucas icon falco icon mewtwo icon
Beginner A little 14.29 %
VG | Blink
lucas icon hero icon sora icon
Intermediate A large amount 38.61 %
lucas icon kirby icon
Doing okay None -
lucas icon lucas icon inkling icon
Doing okay None -
lucas icon mr_game_and_watch icon
Intermediate A little 0.0 %
lucas icon ness icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
lucas icon peach icon
Noob A little -
lucas icon pichu icon
Doing okay A little 28.57 %
lucas icon snake icon mewtwo icon
Advanced Some 59.65 %
ABFT | spike_lee
lucas icon
Intermediate Some -
lucas icon
Noob A lot 26.98 %
lucina icon
Doing okay A little 20.0 %
lucina icon
Beginner A little 0.0 %
HoP | Clicky
lucina icon
Advanced A large amount 49.35 %
lucina icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
lucina icon
Beginner A lot 24.49 %
F2W | 8Radiance
lucina icon
Doing okay Some 27.27 %
lucina icon chrom icon palutena icon
Noob A little 0.0 %
lucina icon cloud icon
Doing okay A little 0.0 %
lucina icon corrin icon
Intermediate A little 33.33 %
lucina icon incineroar icon
Noob A little 20.0 %
lucina icon isabelle icon
Intermediate A lot 41.82 %
Meliodas Sama
lucina icon joker icon
Doing okay A little -
Gamer tag Canton Age Gender Comment
link icon SC | Josiko zürich image Zurich 30 Male Play smart not hard!
link icon Orlando basel-land image Basel-Land 28 Male
little_mac icon Active58
little_mac icon BruceKane bern image Bern 25 Male
little_mac icon JonyPhoney basel-stadt image Basel-City 25 Male Whatever they say, i'll never lose hope in mac >-<!
little_mac icon MatCarron wallis image Valais 29 Male I want to break free
little_mac icon itsoktocry bern image Bern 22 Male i nime hops
little_mac icon Whyudodis zürich image Zurich Male
little_mac icon Mozzarella waadt image Vaud 21 Male Aidez-moi
little_mac icon Junkflood luzern image Lucerne 31 Male
little_mac icon iAndroid freiburg image Friborg 30 Male
little_mac icon LL | Ghosti aargau image Aargau 23 Male Joo was geht 😊 YT NrRp Ghost. Clan《Lethal Lynxes》Join us ...
little_mac icon Hatake luzern image Lucerne 18 Male
little_mac icon Kautschuk solothurn image Solothurn 28 Male Stop reading this text.
little_mac icon Wizardo aargau image Aargau 22 Male
Brujtal 29 Male new boy
lucario icon Lost Chicken 20 Male
lucario icon Spargles
lucario icon FS | Dydou freiburg image Friborg 28 Male
lucario icon None | CupcakeS zürich image Zurich 20 Male I just want to test my skills and maybe earn a bit of cash:)
lucario icon Proferno zürich image Zurich 24 Male I main Lucario since brawl but my god is he bad this game...
lucario icon ImTheWood bern image Bern 22 Male
lucario icon 2CG | DOP | Armando tessin image Ticino 22 Male
lucas icon Chopper wallis image Valais 21 Male
lucas icon MM | Necu bern image Bern 30 Male
lucas icon PATOO genf image Geneva 20 Male Ah
lucas icon Mirakuru luzern image Lucerne
lucas icon Roand777 bern image Bern 27 Male
lucas icon VG | Blink
lucas icon chilldice zürich image Zurich 26 Male
lucas icon AKKO zürich image Zurich 22 Male addet auf discord und schreibt um ein bissle arena zu sp...
lucas icon margus bern image Bern 20 Male
lucas icon Kiwiwasabi freiburg image Friborg 34 Female
lucas icon Rayso genf image Geneva 20 Male Je suis nul
lucas icon LucasIsEz hey :)
lucas icon FloPro basel-land image Basel-Land 25 Male bruh
lucas icon ABFT | spike_lee genf image Geneva 26 Male
lucas icon Azennore waadt image Vaud Male
lucina icon Deegoh freiburg image Friborg 33 Male
lucina icon Nekovius neuenburg image Neuchâtel 23 Male Je débute sur smash mais j'ai de l'ambition. Mon premiè...
lucina icon HoP | Clicky solothurn image Solothurn 23 Male Danmachi best anime don‘t @ me
lucina icon Fredyy5 thurgau image Thurgau 22 Male Dis Mami
lucina icon Sinalco waadt image Vaud 23 Male
lucina icon F2W | 8Radiance freiburg image Friborg 21 Male J'ai hâte de m'améliorer à ce jeux. c'est tout pour moi...
lucina icon Naphets8 neuenburg image Neuchâtel 32 Male Went.Ai Bêta 2020/
lucina icon enderbike_ zürich image Zurich 19 Female
lucina icon lucky7Senpai aargau image Aargau 22 Male
lucina icon 10Res neuenburg image Neuchâtel 24 Male
lucina icon Parheal neuenburg image Neuchâtel 28 Male Best Isabelle in my neighborhood (By far). Jaka is my he...
lucina icon Meliodas Sama waadt image Vaud 22 Male
Gamer tag Roles
link icon SC | Josiko Player
link icon Orlando Player
little_mac icon Active58 Player
little_mac icon BruceKane Player
little_mac icon JonyPhoney Player
little_mac icon MatCarron Player
little_mac icon itsoktocry Player
little_mac icon Whyudodis Player
little_mac icon Mozzarella Player
little_mac icon Junkflood Player
little_mac icon iAndroid Player
little_mac icon LL | Ghosti Player
little_mac icon Hatake Player
little_mac icon Kautschuk Player
little_mac icon Wizardo Player
Brujtal Player
lucario icon Lost Chicken Player
lucario icon Spargles Player
lucario icon FS | Dydou Player
lucario icon None | CupcakeS Player
lucario icon Proferno Player
lucario icon ImTheWood Player
lucario icon 2CG | DOP | Armando Player
lucas icon Chopper Player
lucas icon MM | Necu Player
lucas icon PATOO Player
lucas icon Mirakuru Player
lucas icon Roand777 Player
lucas icon VG | Blink Player
lucas icon chilldice Player
lucas icon AKKO Player
lucas icon margus Player
lucas icon Kiwiwasabi Player
lucas icon Rayso Player
lucas icon LucasIsEz Player
lucas icon FloPro Player
lucas icon ABFT | spike_lee Player
lucas icon Azennore Player
lucina icon Deegoh Player
lucina icon Nekovius Player
lucina icon HoP | Clicky Player
lucina icon Fredyy5 Player
lucina icon Sinalco Player
lucina icon F2W | 8Radiance Player
lucina icon Naphets8 Player
lucina icon enderbike_ Content creator Designer Photographer Player Streamer
lucina icon lucky7Senpai Player
lucina icon 10Res Player
lucina icon Parheal Player
lucina icon Meliodas Sama Player