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Yes i'm the real one.

Past Tournaments 2023

Week'Rive #4 Rue de la Madeleine 22 5th
Week'Rive #3 Rue de la Madeleine 22 7th
Frismash Easter Cup Departement Für Geowissenschaften 49th
Week'Rive #2 Rue de la Madeleine 22 13th
Week'Rive #1 Rue de la Madeleine 22 22nd
Exploria Smash Episode 12 Av. des Découvertes 3 25th
Smile & Wave(s) mini! - January 2023 Güterstrasse 99 33rd

Past Tournaments 2022

TheReset #7.2 Wildbachstrasse 16 33rd
Super Tournoi Av. des Alpes 18 33rd
Polymanga 2022 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament Av. Claude-Nobs 5 13th

Past Tournaments 2021

Smash'N'Reset La Chaux-de-Fonds 13th
Smash in Tuilière Lausanne 33rd
E-Grottes Games Genève 17th
Super Smash Qwertz #7 Lausanne 17th
GYAH - Get Your Ass Here Lausanne 25th
Super Smash Qwertz #6 Lausanne 17th

Past Tournaments 2020

Super Smash Qwertz #5 Lausanne 37th
The Deep Frozen Röstinament Bienne 25th
Orcus Smash #4 Basel 33rd
Smash Castle : Spade Kingdom Tournament Neuchâtel 25th
Smash Castle : Heart Kingdom Tournament Neuchâtel, CH 25th
Super Smash Qwertz #4 17th
Smash Club #1 Genève, CH 17th
Röstinament 1 Biel, CH 25th
[SSBU] Black Ghost: The last tournament 19th
Smash Castle : Club Kingdom Tournament 25th

Past Tournaments 2019

Super Smash Qwertz #3 25th
Super Smash Qwertz #2 13th
SoluSmash 5/6 - Saison 1 17th
Mini Tournoi Qwertz 7th
SoluSmash 4/6 - Saison 1 9th
Super Smash Qwertz 7th
PK Bern #5 Amateur Bracket SAC Clublokal 9th
PK Bern #5 SAC Clublokal -
UltiMelt #15 17th
Polymanga Sunday 17th
UltiMelt #14 Geneva 13th
Smash at Frag #1 6th
Carrefour Sud Monthly 25th
Smile & Wave(s) - A SILENTGAMING Smash Tournament 33rd
Japan Impact 2019 - Saturday Edition 21st
UltiMelt #8 25th
Casino - Let's Play #1 21st
UltiMelt #5 37th
UltiMelt #5 Amateur Bracket 5th
UltiMelt #4 33rd
UltiMelt #4 Amateur Bracket 7th