( NoahDanlel )

St. Gallen Canton
1999 Birth year
Male Gender
2 Best rank
171 Wins
125 Losses
2720 Points
Advanced Self assessment
57.77 % Win/Loss
Very much Experience

Comment mail master

Past Tournaments 2019

SNWC Finals 2019 Olten, CH 10th
PK Bern #8 SAC Clublokal -
UltiMon 6 Wettingen, CH 17th
Gamesession XIII (SNWC Major) Olten, CH 25th
Weekly Zurich random_190829 Zurich 17th
Trimbach Weekly #2 13th
UltiMon 5 Wettingen, CH 13th
PK Bern #3 Amateur Bracket SAC Clublokal 4th
PK Bern #3 SAC Clublokal -
TheReset #6 Z├╝rich 33rd
SSBU Weekly Bern KW23 2019 SAC Clublokal 7th
Trimbach Weekly #1 7th
Saint Smash flon 4th
Weekly Zurich random_190530 Zurich 9th
UltiMon 4 Wettingen, CH 13th
PK Bern #2 SAC Clublokal 4th
Super Smash Saga - Calm before the Storm Biel, CH 9th
Fantasy Basel (by SILENTGAMING) - Day 2 9th
Fantasy Basel (by SILENTGAMING) - Day 1 17th
PK Bern #1 SAC Clublokal 4th
Smash Temple 2 (Day 1) 2nd
Colosseum Basel XII BL, CH 5th
Smash the Cake Solothurn 17th
SSBU Weekly Bern KW13 2019 SAC Clublokal 7th
UltiMon Stadion 3 7th
SSBU Weekly Bern KW11 2019 SAC Clublokal 5th
Weekly Zurich random_190314 Zurich 5th
Smile & Wave(s) - A SILENTGAMING Smash Tournament 33rd
Colosseum Basel XI 7th
SSBU Weekly Bern KW9 2019 SAC Clublokal 7th
SSBU Weekly Bern KW8 2019 SAC Clublokal 2nd
Weekly Zurich random_190221 Zurich 25th
UltiBaits Solothurn 10 5th
Ultimon Stadion 2: into the Reset 25th
SSBU Weekly Bern KW7 2019 SAC Clublokal 4th
SSBU Weekly Bern KW6 2019 SAC Clublokal 4th
Weekly Zurich random_181220 Zurich 13th
UltiBaits Solothurn 6 13th
UltiMon Stadion 25th