( NoahDanlel )

St. Gallen Canton
1999 Birth year
Male Gender
2 Best rank
169 Wins
121 Losses
2655 Points
Advanced Self assessment
58.28 % Win/Loss
Very much Experience

Comment mail master

Past Tournaments

Gamesession XIII (SNWC Major) Olten, CH 25th
Weekly Zurich random_190829 Zurich 17th
Trimbach Weekly #2 13th
UltiMon 5 Wettingen, CH 13th
PK Bern #3 Amateur Bracket SAC Clublokal 4th
PK Bern #3 SAC Clublokal -
TheReset #6 Z├╝rich 33rd
SSBU Weekly Bern KW23 2019 SAC Clublokal 7th
Trimbach Weekly #1 7th
Saint Smash flon 4th
Weekly Zurich random_190530 Zurich 9th
UltiMon 4 Wettingen, CH 13th
PK Bern #2 SAC Clublokal 4th
Super Smash Saga - Calm before the Storm Biel, CH 9th
Fantasy Basel (by SILENTGAMING) - Day 1 17th
Fantasy Basel (by SILENTGAMING) - Day 2 9th
PK Bern #1 SAC Clublokal 4th
Smash Temple 2 (Day 1) 2nd
Colosseum Basel XII BL, CH 5th
Smash the Cake Solothurn 17th
SSBU Weekly Bern KW13 2019 SAC Clublokal 7th
UltiMon Stadion 3 7th
SSBU Weekly Bern KW11 2019 SAC Clublokal 5th
Weekly Zurich random_190314 Zurich 5th
Smile & Wave(s) - A SILENTGAMING Smash Tournament 33rd
Colosseum Basel XI 7th
SSBU Weekly Bern KW9 2019 SAC Clublokal 7th
SSBU Weekly Bern KW8 2019 SAC Clublokal 2nd
UltiBaits Solothurn 10 5th
Weekly Zurich random_190221 Zurich 25th
Ultimon Stadion 2: into the Reset 25th
SSBU Weekly Bern KW7 2019 SAC Clublokal 4th
SSBU Weekly Bern KW6 2019 SAC Clublokal 4th
Weekly Zurich random_181220 Zurich 13th
UltiBaits Solothurn 6 13th
UltiMon Stadion 25th
Weekly Zurich random_181213 Zurich 25th
Smash Ultimate Release Tournament Card Tower Solothurn 17th