The 2021 Swiss Smash Power Ranking

Introducing the 2021 Swiss Smash PR:

Swiss PR 2021

Honorable Mentions:


PATOO was one of the players capitalizing on the increasing number of tournaments in the Romandie. Notably he placed 13th at “Smash in Tuilière”, but also 4th and 2nd at the two “Smash Club” tournaments. With his results he has managed to establish himself as one of the best players in the region, even keeping a 2:2 head-to-head record against Deox6. What he is lacking are more results and sets against a number of players from the current PR, primarily players from the Swiss-German region. Hopefully he (and others) will travel more in 2022 and be able to show the results of the younger players in the Romandie, who are grinding and improving together!

Jodel @DwJodel

The Toon Link menace known for rarely attending tournaments managed to receive an honorable mention in 2021 through his exceptional performances whenever he did attend. Him entering meant that there was typically one spot reserved for him: 5th place, which he got at “Saint Smash COVID Edition”, “Orcus Smash #5”, and “Smash Hammered #4”. To get there he notably beat Kimbo twice, Karpador64 and Phonky, while losing almost exclusively to players on the PR. He has clearly established himself as a threat in Switzerland, but it would be amazing to see him travel and attend more events, where he can prove himself and potentially even make it onto the PR in 2022.

LK Sickboy @SickBoySSB

The Pikachu main for Lostik traveled a lot in 2021 and as such has faced some of the largest variety of opponents. In previous years Sickboy would stand out for his inconsistent placements, sometimes performing extremely well, while at times placing below expectations. 2021 was different. Sickboy slowly has established himself as a player capable of consistently making Top8 or getting 9th at worst, like he did at “Smash in Tuilière”. He finished the year strong with a 5th place at “Orcus Smash #6” and a 4th place at “Smash Hammered #4”, beating players like Phonky, Kepler, Jodel, and PATOO throughout the year. A consistent and improving Sickboy is going to be a scary opponent in 2022.

Power Ranking:

#10 mYi Kepler @KeplerSsb

It has been quiet around the Snake player for mYinsanity in 2021. He attended only a few events, and while expectations might have been higher, considering his performances in the past, he still showed consistency overall. His most notable performance was his 9th place at “Smash in Tuilière”. While he was unable to accumulate any upsets, he also only lost two sets to players to players below him in the rankings, while keeping a winning record overall. This consistency helped him, in true Metal Gear Solid fashion, to sneak onto the PR. Compared to the Kepler from previous years, Switzerland might have expected a bit more and so we should keep an eye on his performances and maybe encourage him to attend a few more events in 2022. There is nobody out there not enjoying watching his Snake (and chuckling to themselves when he blows himself up again).

#9 eLS Karpador64 @Karpador64

2021 has been a year with ups and downs for Lausanne Esports’ player. The Luigi main picked up Wario, but then went back to Luigi, while keeping Wario as a secondary. His two best performances were two 5th places at “Saint Smash COVID Edition” and “Orcus Smash #6”, where he managed to beat DeepFreeze and rohan doge respectively. In his bracket runs Karpador64 frequently ran into the current Top 4 players who eliminated him from bracket (a combined head-to-head record of 1:9), but much less against the rest of the PR (a combined head-to-head record of 5:3, including the honorable mentions). A few slip-ups against players outside of the PR potentially cost him a higher placing. Karpador64 is a player to keep an eye on. Whenever he finds a solution to beat the current Top 4 players, he is guaranteed to quickly rise the ranks as they were the biggest obstacle he faced in 2021. But he also has to watch out for some of the players outside the PR and make sure he can consistently beat them. Everything is possible in 2022!

#8 eLS rohan doge @RohanDoge

The second rising star of the Romandie from 2020 kept improving in 2021 and pushed his Metaknight onto the PR. With the release of Sora in the second half of October he found a new character for himself. Fortunately for Lausanne Esports’ player only a few tournaments happened after his character switch and the expected drop off during the readjustment period. Throughout the year his Metaknight was often present in the Top 4, and always in the Top 8, with the exception of “Smash in Tuilière” where he finished 9th. Some of his best performances were his 3rd place at ”Orcus Smash #5” and his 4th place at “Saint Smash COVID Edition”. At the latter tournament he became one of five players who were able to take a set off of Jaka in 2021. He has also kept a competitive 3:3 head-to-head record against DeepFreeze over three tournaments, where they would always face each other twice, with rohan doge winning their second set two out of the three times. Throughout 2021 rohan doge has shown himself to be one of the most dedicated players, attending not only many events in Switzerland but also frequently traveling abroad. With Sora in his roster his 2022 performance will be interesting to follow. Does he believe enough in himself and his character, and will he be able to come back to his old heights after fully adjusting?

#7 NTC Deox6 @Bye_Byleth

Who is Deox6 you might ask? Well, so did many people in Switzerland when he attended his first tournament in 2021, “GYAH”, and casually won it over Kimbo, Yannwatts, and rohan doge. He was not entirely unknown in the Romandie region, as he had already played Smash 4, but only started competing in Ultimate a few weeks prior to said tournament. His roster incorporates Joker, Byleth and Sephiroth, but playing these characters at different times is also what might have caused some of his varying results. Out of the four events he attended he won two, “GYAH” and “Smash Club #2”, with his worst performance being a 9th place at “Smash in Tuilière”, where he defeated Karpador64, but lost to Jaka (and BeJay from the Netherlands), some of the few sets against players outside of the Romandie. In the Romandie he has a winning head-to-head record against everybody (notably 4:1 against Kimbo) except for PATOO (2:2). His few attendances with numerous good results show his abilities as a player but also make him the biggest wildcard on the PR. Will 2022 bring more tournament wins for Noetic’s newly signed Deox6 or will the pendulum swing the other way?

#6 SIR Phonky @Phonkysoul

2021 was a good year for the iconic player with the N64 controller. Every tournament Swiss Incredible Rebells’ player entered he finished in the Top 8. His best placing (in an absolute sense) was a third place at Smash Hammered #3, but his most valuable placings were his 7th places at “Smash in Tuilière” and “Saint Smash COVID Edition”. All of these three events have one thing in common: Phonky beat the best players in Switzerland to get his results. He beat Destany at “Smash in Tuilière”, becoming the only player aside from Jaka to do so in 2021. He also beat DeepFreeze at “Saint Smash COVID Edition”, and Jaka at “Smash Hammered #3. Despite being very consistent with placing in the Top8, some of these great wins are complemented by some rougher losses, where at times he could have gone even further in the bracket. In 2021 Phonky has shown that he can keep up with the absolute best players in Switzerland. The question is, will he be able to do so more regularly, and can he limit the number of players able to defeat him so he can push himself even further towards the top?

#5 Kimbo (formerly known as Neo) @KimboSSB

The rising star of the Romandie region in 2020 took 2021 a bit slower, focusing on school and his in-game mentality. This resulted in him attending less events, notably missing out on “Smash in Tuilière”, but whenever he did, the Palutena player made it count. He consistently placed well and managed to win two events, “Full House #1” and “Smash Club #1”. His worst performance was getting 9th at Saint Smash #6, where he was eliminated from the tournament by Jaka, who had also unexpectedly lost and ended up winning said tournament. Kimbo had ended up in losers because of Jodel, who ended up being one of his two main bracket demons next to Deox6, with head-to-head records of 0:2 and 1:4 respectively. Outside of those two Kimbo only lost sets to players ranked above him, showing his consistency as a player. What does the future hold for the young Romandie player, and can he rise to even higher heights in 2022?

#4 LK DeepFreeze @DeepFreezeIV

With the COVID lockdown at the end of 2020 DeepFreeze decided that it was finally time to drop Falco and commit to Joker. As with any character switch his results at the beginning of 2021 were a bit worse than what Lostik’s player was known for, but with his win at Orcus Smash #5 in August he was back in full force. From there on his worst performance was placing 4th at “Smash in Tuilière”, which is still an incredible performance considering he defeated Karpador64, Kepler, Phonky and Tomberry to make it this far, losing only to Jaka and Mezcaul. His 1:10 head-to-head record against Jaka is one of the main reasons why DeepFreeze ended up not winning another tournament and placing 2nd four times and 3rd three times during the rest of the year. With DeepFreeze being back in full force, 2022 will show what he is fully capable of and whether he has found an answer to defeat both Jaka and Destany to rise even higher in the ranks.

#3 BG Crash @CrashSSB

There are many players claiming that they would perform better if they invested more time into the game. “Old Koopa Dad” Crash shows that you can work full-time, have a wife and kids, and all the obligations that come with that, and still be one of the best players in Switzerland. His responsibilities certainly affected Babos Gaming’s player’s overall attendance in 2021, but whenever he was around, he showed no signs of being rusty and was one of the most consistent players, with his worst placing being a 4th place at Orcus Smash #6. His most notable performance of the year was at the biggest event of the year “Smash in Tuilière” where he defeated Jaka and the two French invaders Tomberry and Mezcaul to end up in Winners Side of Grand Finals. Crash has shown incredible consistency throughout the year, only losing sets to 3 players: Jaka, Destany and DeepFreeze. He might attend fewer events than others but be wary, you never know what new pocket pick he has practiced during his time off…

#2 mYi Destany @mYiDestany

After struggling a bit with results in the first half of 2020 mYinsanity’s Destany had dominated the second half of the year by winning all tournaments he attended. This streak was once again broken in 2021 where he started off by getting 2nd to Jaka at “Saint Smash COVID Edition” and “only” a 7th place at Smash in Tuilière. With Jaka not attending Destany won the following 3 events before being defeated by Jaka once again at Orcus Smash #6. After this last loss, Destany had figured something out, because he defeated Jaka in their last two encounters of the year at Smash Hammered #3 and #4. Destany was the only player that managed to take more than 1 set off of Jaka in 2021 and conversely only 1 player aside from Jaka was able to take a set off of Destany himself (Phonky at “Smash in Tuilière”). Destany has always strived for the top and ended up winning eventually over his competition. Are we once again seeing the same development as in 2020 where he reclaimed the throne at the end of the year? And if so, will there be anyone to challenge Destany in 2022, or will Switzerland once again be reigned by its old titan?

#1 SIR Jaka @Jaka_SSB

Jaka’s rise to the top has been an interesting one. Playing what was/is regarded as one of the worst characters in the game, Isabelle, Swiss Incredible Rebells’ player climbed the ranks in both offline and online events and became known throughout Europe during the COVID era, due to placing well at international online and offline events, which led to him being ranked 100 in the World in OrionRank (or 19th in Europe). In 2020 he had won his first offline tournament in Switzerland and with 2021 the meme became reality: Switzerland believed in “Jaka supremacy”, and he delivered. Out of the 10 events he attended, he won 8, with his first loss being at the end of November at Smash Hammered #3 where he placed 2nd to Destany. Their rivalry was the most notable one with their head-to-head record ending at 6:6 after Destany managed to take another tournament from Jaka at the end of the year. Therefore, we have to ask ourselves: Will the “Jaka supremacy” come to an end or can we believe for another year in the arguably best Isabelle in the world?

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