🥳 Happy New Year 2022 🥳

May we be able to organise & attend lots of tournaments this year!

During the holidays I found the time to update & implement new features for SwissSmash.

One of the biggest improvements are the canton icons on the tournaments.
TOs: Make sure to add a canton (or a valid location) when creating your tournaments (also working for imported smash.gg tournaments)!

Please let me know if you find bugs or have some great ideas to improve the site.

Overview SwissSmash updates 01.01.22:
  • Bundle update (security stuff)
  • New feature: copy-gamer-tag button (especially useful for casters & TOs)
  • New feature: Canton icons on tournaments -> Visible in the calendar, specific tournaments & next tournaments
  • Bugfix: Fullscreen/iframe calendar
  • New feature for TOs: Players can now be warned (simple warnings counter) when manually removed from a tournament
  • Updated the results web crawler link: https://braacket.com/league/SSBUCHPRs/tournament?rows=200
  • Player view: Added a discord name tooltip
  • Improved character name capitalizations
  • Implemented the new discord logo
  • Improved & updated the welcome screen
  • SEO improvments
  • Added the dutch ruleset in the infos
  • Updated top players 2021 (not final yet)
  • Use flag images for the language selection
  • When logged in: Show main_char1 instead of account_circle
  • Added media queries for the banner to improve the tablet & mobile view
  • Player view: Order joined tournaments by date
  • Navigation: Moved Videos into the Players dropdown
  • Navigation: Renamed 'Individuals' into 'List' in the Players dropdown
  • Added a contact form within the Infos screen
  • Improved the tournaments list. It now shows the whole location or city instead of the fee
  • Renamed 'S1&2/22' to just 2022 in the tournaments list

Big thanks to TaDavidID for the great inputs 👏

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Created at: 01.01.22 (00:34)
Created by: Yomi